Selecting your memorial can be a very overwhelming experience and different for every family. There are many decisions to be made in order to create a memorial that is very personal to you. There are many choices to consider during your selection.

Conti Memorials has memorial design specialists that are trained to help you through this process.

1The first step is to determine what style of memorial you like. Some cemeteries have restrictions that limit the style of your memorial. Our counselors know the local cemeteries and can guide you into selecting a memorial that will fit within their guidelines.

2The granite is going to play a very important role in your decision process. Not only is the granite a determining cost factor, but it also determines how well your memorial will look over time. There are granites that hold up better than others. Conti Memorials offers full, written and perpetual warranties with the granites we are most confident in. Rock of Ages branded granites also come with the best warranty in the industry that is backed by a trust fund.

3Size is also another decision that must be made. Like the style of the memorial, some cemeteries will regulate the size or maximum size allowed on your lot. Once again, our memorial counselors are aware of all the local cemetery regulations and will guide you appropriately.

4There are several different finishes on a memorial that can drastically change the look of your shape. From all polished sides, rock pitch or rough sides, sawed sides and shellrock are just some of the different finishes you may choose. Our memorial designers will be happy to show you how the look of your memorial can change with each of these choices.

5Each family has its own story. Much of that personalization is revealed in the lettering and design on the memorial. Our memorial designers will listen to your story and help you create something that is special and lasting for your family. We recommend that you visit our showroom to speak with one of our designers. They will guide you through your selection process and try to make this experience as easy as possible for your family.