The workmanship on your memorial is as important as the quality of the granite. We want to ensure that your memorial will last for generations to come.

We take great pride in every memorial we create no matter how simple or elaborate it may be. We are devoted to the highest standards of memorial craftsmanship by combining the finest quality granites, skilled craftsmen, memorial artists, old world methods of carving, and modern technology. We guarantee that your memorial will be a true and lasting tribute.


A majority of our engraving is done at our shop facility located in Canton, OH. Our master engraver has been skillfully carving memorials for over 40 years. All of our craftsmen take pride in their work and pay attention to detail every step of the way. Upon completion of your memorial, our quality control staff will inspect your memorial to ensure your complete satisfaction before it is set in the cemetery.


Etchings are a beautiful addition to your memorial and bring an image to life. Portraits, landscape scenes, emblems or any other type of picture can be etched on a memorial. The image becomes like a pencil sketch or actual photograph and becomes life like. An etching only enhances the personal touch on your memorial.

Sculpture Carving:

Sculpture carving a memorial adds a extraordinary three dimensional look to any memorial. Flowers, religious images and other designs become rounded and true works of art. Our sculptors are artists with the ability to take any image and create something truly unique.