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General Warranty

It is our mission to offer every family the best granites available with the best written warranties in the industry.

Not all granite is the same. There are various grades of granite that determine how well it will hold up over time. The granites we select are thoroughly inspected for any defects or imperfections. […]

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All flower vases come in a variety of designs and sizes, all strong and beautiful, crafted from die-cast aluminum construction and and exclusive coating process that adds durability without compromising the beauty.

All vases can be mounted securely by any of our four fastener options. Additionally, many of the designs are offered in the Flush Ground […]

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The workmanship on your memorial is as important as the quality of the granite. We want to ensure that your memorial will last for generations to come.

We take great pride in every memorial we create no matter how simple or elaborate it may be. We are devoted to the highest standards of memorial craftsmanship by […]

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Planning Ahead

Planning your memorial in advance ensures that you are being remembered in your own way while protecting your loved ones.

Today, more than ever, people understand the wisdom of planning ahead by taking out insurance policies, setting aside savings and making out a will. Advance planning for a memorial is no different. In each case, it […]

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The Selection Process

Selecting your memorial can be a very overwhelming experience and different for every family. There are many decisions to be made in order to create a memorial that is very personal to you. There are many choices to consider during your selection.

Conti Memorials has memorial design specialists that are trained to help you through this […]

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